VX compareAll for VirtueMart 3.0 released

The next version of popular product comparison extension VX compareAll is now compatible with Virtuemart 3.0. The extension was built with two key ideas in mind: one, the shop owner should care about sales, not programming, and two - the shopper decides, what to compare of what's available.

The VX compareAll installs with a minimum efforts to any Joomla!™ 3 site with Virtuemart 3.0 shop. Please have a look at live demo of VX compareAll. Check products from any category, or in the product details page, then at any time click on "Compare Selected" link on top of browse page, and see selected products in a row. The number of comparable products is unlimited (well, limited only by the quantity of products in the store).

The shopper can compare any products with custom parameters from any category. No parameters at all? No problem! There are always things to compare... Prices! Suppose, someone selects a gift or souvenir, and comparison criteria are price, and weight. And the choices are: wall painting, sculpture and a kitchen table set (obviously different types of product). Let them compare and choose!


Joomla! Virtuemart 2 Responsive Template

Not just wireless. Mobile! Is your Joomla! site responsive for this trend? Mobile and handheld devices crowd out desktop computers. Internet expanded to netbooks, tablets, mobile phones. Responsive Joomla! Templates allow your site to show up on any of these devices without changing the visual style. Just Joomla! template, no other "mobile" extensions or plugins. Responsive VX Desert  template for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 lets your site to fit both desktop and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad. All modern browsers are supported.

3D Gallery v1.04 for Joomla 2.5

3D Gallery component is now compatible with Joomla!® 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5. Following to users wishes, some improvements were also made to the back end of the component.


Virtuemart Product Comparison Module

Next release of VX compareAll is approaching in a few days. In this version 1.03, the extension is accompanied by product compare module, which can be placed in any Joomla!™ module position. The module immediately reflects products, selected for comparison, and the user can see all of them in the list, while browsing other pages of your VirtueMart shop. If the customer changed his or her mind to compare certain products, they can be unchecked right in the module, so they will not appear in the comparison table.

The module adds usability to the extension, as it helps the customer follow the products selection without keeping the list in mind.

The live demo of VX compareAll extension.

Virtuemart Featured Products 3D Carousel - update released

The Featured Products 3D Carousel module for Virtuemart™ version 1.03 is released. The module shows the products from the selected categories in a spectacular carousel. Display options can be flexibly configured and can be set so that the carousel will be customized to fit and enhance the site design. Product at the center of the carousel, when clicked, shows the product flypage. The button "Add to Cart" button is also displayed, if set, so the customer can immediately choose the product to buy.

The optional auto-scrolling with adjustable delay and scrolling pause on mouse hover is added to this version.

3D Gallery Component 1.01b available for free download

We are pleased to announce the 3D Gallery component for Joomla! ™. While in beta version, the component is fully functional and can be used for graphics and photo sophisticated presentations. The component is available for free download.

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